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პროგრამული ლაბორატორიული კვების ბლოკი APS series APS605H

პროგრამული ლაბორატორიული კვების ბლოკი APS series APS605H

პროგრამული ლაბორატორიული კვების ბლოკი APS series APS605H
DC0-60V, 0-5A

The APS series product is a three-window four-digit display with data storage, program-controlled switching DC regulated power supply, which can display voltage, current, and power at the same time. Products are widely used in mobile phone repair, computer repair, battery charging, school teaching and production line use. The output voltage and output current can be continuously adjusted between 0 and the nominal value using the code potentiometer, and the set value can be pre-displayed, which is convenient for use and adjustment. This machine has USB fast charging function and supports multiple fast charging protocols. With perfect OVP, OCP short circuit protection circuit, the product also provides the upper computer communication function (optional), which is convenient for users to remotely control the PC computer and other main control equipment through the USB data cable. The stability and ripple coefficient of the power supply are very good. Its small size, beautiful design, convenient operation, can work for a long time at full load, and are deeply loved by users.


Product Features

The code potentiometer sets the voltage and current, and the set value can be displayed in advance.

OCP overload protection function, short-circuit stop output.

With 3 sets of data storage, it is convenient for quick recall.

With Output output on-off function.

USB fast charging function supports multiple fast charging protocols.

Optional USB communication interface, PC control software.

Small size, light weight, and high power density.

Constant voltage and constant current switch automatically.

Voltage, current, power Three LED four-digit display, high precision.

The temperature-controlled fan has heat dissipation, low noise and long life.

1. Production line testing.

2. Repair of mobile phones, computers, and electrical appliances.

3. Product aging and electroplating.

4. Charging the battery.

5. Laboratory, scientific research and teaching.

6. All other occasions that require a DC stabilized power supply.

Model parameter

Model APS305H APS3010H APS605H APS1203H APS1602H
Output Power 150W 300W 300W 360W 320W
Output voltage 0~30V 0~30V 0~60V 0~120V 0~160V
Output current 0~5A 0~10A 0~5A 0~3A 0~2A
Auxiliary functions USB fast charge, output on and off, data storage,USB host computer communication(Optional)
Protection mode OVP over voltage protection, OCP over current protection, over temperature protection, short circuit alarm stop output.
working environment
  Input voltage:AC 230V/115V±10%;50Hz/60Hz
Working temperature:0℃~40℃;relative humidity:<80%RH
Storage temperature:-10℃~70℃;relative humidity:<70%RH
Constant voltage CV
  Voltage stability:0.5%±3mV
Load stability: 0.5%±3mV
Ripple voltage:≤0.5% Vp-p
0 to rated voltage continuously adjustable
constant current CC
  Current stability:0.5%±3mA
Load stability: 0.5%±3mA
Ripple current:≤0.5% Vp-p
Recovery time:≤500μS
Temperature coefficient:≤100ppm/℃
0 to rated current continuously adjustable
  0.4 inch white light four-digit digital tube three groups display
Display accuracy:0.5%±digits
Display resolution: voltage  0.01V, current  0.001A
Size and weight
  Product size:190(L) x 90(W) x 145(H) mm
Packing size:265(L) x 135(W) x 195(H) mm
Net weight:1.15Kg
Gross weight:1.5Kg
8sets/piece, box size:550*275*405mm,box weight:12.5kg
Random attachment
  power cord x 1 (EU,US,UK, ...)
Instructions x 1,
Test line x 1,
Machine color black
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