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USB Em ID RFID Card Issuer Reader

ბარათის შემქმნელი წამკითხველი USB Em ID RFID Card Issuer Reader 
GLE-SRWDA (125K EM ID Card Issuer,USB,8H10D),
GLE-SRWDB (125K EM ID Card Issuer,USB,6H8D),
GLE-SRWCA (13.56M IC Card Issuer, USB, 8H10D),
GLE-SRWCB (13.56M IC Card Issuer, USB, 6H8D).

Model show
SRWDA 125K EM ID Card Issuer,USB,8H10D
SRWDB 125K EM ID Card Issuer,USB,6H8D
SRWCA 13.56M IC Card Issuer, USB, 8H10D
SRWCB 13.56M IC Card Issuer, USB, 6H8D
Product Parameter Parameter Description
Read Range DR10E Up to 10CM; DR10M Up to 5CM
Power / Current USB 5V DC / Max.100mA
Input Port 2ea (External LED Control, External Buzzer Control)
LED Indicator 2 Color LED Indicators(Red and Green)
Beeper Yes
Operating Temperature -10° to +70°C
Operating Humidity 10% to 90% relative humidity non-condensing
Material ABS+PC with texture 12V DC 3A
Dimension 140*100*30mm
Weight 120g
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