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ელექტრო მექანიკური საკეტი NI-100D

ელექტრო მექანიკური საკეტი NI-100D

ელექტრო მექანიკური საკეტი NI-100D. 

NI-100D Electric door lock

Fail-safe type: Power to lock
Face Plate: 205L*35W*40H(mm)
Strike Plate: 90L*25W*2H(mm)
Bolt: 16mm(Throw) * 16mm(Diameter)
Voltage: DC12V
Start Current: 960mA Standby Current: 130mA
Signal Output: door open or door close state detection output point,NC/COM
Timer: 0/3/6/9 seconds available to set
Face Place Material:High Aluminum,Carrulous Line Finished
Weight: 0.65kg
NI-100D is a low temperature Electric door lock with door status signal output and delay function, which is fail safe electric bolt lock that suitable for glass door, wooden door, metal door . We supply integrity equipment to collocate with fully frameless glass door, swing-in door and so on. Build-in Photoelectricity control and low temperature design, which makes access safer and durable.

1. with door status signal output and delay function,Optical control techniques to prevent mechanical failure

2. Ultra-low temperature design, less heat, safer andmore durable

A.Momentary current conversion

B. electric bolt will start scouting low power consumption and low temperature conversion while Door position is not corrector withstands bolt

C. Photoelectric technology, reduce mechanical failure

3.Ultra-low-power design, energy saving

4. 500,000 times successful test

5. Built-in reverse current preventing equipment.

6. Intelligent single-chip configuration, level three current applications

7. High-strength aluminum alloy lock body, stainless steel lock head

8. Product specification is complete for all types of door installation
9. CE, ROHS & MA certificates

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