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ელექტრო მექანიკური საკეტი NJ-300A

ელექტრო მექანიკური საკეტი NJ-300A

NJ-300A Electric strike
Fail-secure type (Power to open)
Lock Size: 150L*28W*31H(mm)
Holding Stength: 500kg
Bolt Structure: Stainless Steel
Voltage: 12VDC
Current: 240mA(NJ-300A) / 120mA(NJ-300B)
Weight: 0.5kg
NJ-300A is standard-type electric strike.It works with magnetic force generated by electromagnetic field for locking/unlocking,particularly with short circuit protection.This model has 2 working modes:Power-to-open & Power-to-lock.It is made of high-quality aluminum for high hardness,corrosion resistance & anti-deformation.It is suitable for all types of wooden door, metal door, PVC door etc.
1.Pass 1200lbs super linear static thrust test
2.Mode option:Fail-unlocked/Fail-locked
3.Suitable for all standard-type doors with adjustable tongue distance
4.Direct installation on metal door frame with mounting hole
5.Pass test of high temperature aging 100,000 times
6.Made of high-quality aluminum for high hardness,corrosion resistance & anti-deformation
7.CE Certificate & MA Certificate approved
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