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ელექტრო მექანიკური საკეტი FR-ML10D DIY

ელექტრო მექანიკური საკეტი FR-ML10D DIY

ელექტრო მექანიკური საკეტი FR-ML10D DIY. 

FR-ML10D DIY Fingerprint Lock

1.With the new generation fingerprint recognition algorithm
2.Rugged, sleek and compact design
3.German standard mortise with one latch and one deadbolt turnhandle upward to lock the deadbolt for more security
4.Independent clutch motor design under patent protection

ML10D Smart fingerprint biometric lock is new released product. With this lock, you don't need to worry about losing your keys again. With biometric door lock LA100P, your fingers are the keys. This biometric technology is an ideal replacement for traditional locks. The generation fingerprint and biometric reader allows users to enter their home, office or apartment without keys.
1.Moisture-proof: PCB surface with epoxy encapsulated is moisture-proof design.
2.Easy to use:With Quick Start Guide sticked on the battery cover 3 steps to register the first Admin Provide operation instruction video & user manual.
3.Easy to replace: Backset is 60 mm (2 3/8 inch) or 70 mm (2 3/4 inch), which can replace knob lock perfectly. There is no risk to damage the door.
4.Low battery warning: If the lock is in low battery, LED and buzzer will make the indication.The door can be opened 100 times since you are notified of low battery. You have enough time to change the battery.
5.Normal Open Mode: When you host a social event, it is inconvenient if people frequently enter and leave. In this case,you can set the lock to Normal Open mode, and no need to unlock. Just enjoy your party !
Model FR-ML10D (DIY Fingerprint Lock)
Material ML10D—Zinc Alloy (metal casing)
PL10D—ABS (plastic casing)
User Capacity Admin -10
  Normal User - 60
  Temporary User - 20
Operating Temperature 0 °C- 45 °C
Power Supply 4 x AA Alkaline Battery
Backup Unlock Mechanical Key & 9V Battery
Door Thickness 30-38 mm (optional)
  39-46 mm (standard)
  47-54 mm (standard)
  55-60 mm (optional)
Dimensions Front - 69(W)×155(L)×35(D) mm
Back - 69(W)×155(L)×25(D) mm


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