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ელექტრო მექანიკური საკეტი S200MF

ელექტრო მექანიკური საკეტი S200MF

ელექტრო მექანიკური საკეტი S200MF

S200MF MF Card & Keypad Metal Lock

stainless steel wire drawing board
American Standard Deadbolt
Has Keypad with backlight
9V Backup Power Terminal
S200MF code lock can be used in campus, office and apartment, this lock is really excellent and helpful for door security field.Four unlocking ways: code,card,code+card, mechanical key. Standard deadbolt latch can be installed in hole of standard single latch.
• S200MF Lock adopts high quality stainless steel wire drawing board.
• Many kinds of way to open the door: Password, card,password + card, mechanical key
• Simple and convenient, One-card-Pass Code Lock
• Direct installation, easy to use.
• Humanization design keypad with backlight
• Dissociative Structure Of Lock
• Moistureproof, Dustproof And Antistatic
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