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ელექტრო მაგნიტური საკეტი NE-280ST

ელექტრო მაგნიტური საკეტი NE-280ST

ელექტრო მაგნიტური საკეტი NE-280ST. 

NE-280ST Door Security Locks

With delay and signal output
Voltage:DC12V or DC24V
Waterproof IP65 Customization Available
Holding Force: 280kg (600Lbs)
Lock Size: 250L*48W*25H(mm)
Armature Plate:180L*38W*11H(mm)
Current Draw: 12V/500mA 24V/250mA
LED indicates the door is unlock,Green indicates the door is lock
Time: 0/3/6/9sec
No residual magnetism, no mechanical damage 90 degrees open for all kinds of doors with frame
Weight: 2.0kg
NE-280ST,single door magnetic lock,has doorstatus signal output and time delay,also with LED indicates, ,specially used tonormal glass door,wooden door,metal door,fire doors, small doors,the mostwidely used.Hoisting design,saves time and power when installation.Inwarddoor,frameless glass door,narrow door all have a complete set of accessories.Special Anti-residual magnetic design makes automatic access control safer and more convenient.

1.With LED(double color indicate), has doorstatus signal output and time delay,passed 600lbs super static linear tensiontests.

2.Anti-residual magnetic design,keep constanttension.

3.Built-in reverse current protection device(MOV), performance stability ,safety coefficient is higher.

4.Wear materials, durable.

5.Electromagnetic suction work completely,there is no mechanical failure.

6.Shell with high strength alloy material,anode hardening treatment.

7.lock body with double insulation treatment.

8.Through the European CE and ROHS, MAcertification in China.

Holding Force 280kg (600Lbs)
Relock Delay Timer 0,3,6,9 seconds open time delay is adjustable
Lock Status Indicator Red and Green, double color LED
Lock Status Sensors NO,NC,COM
Rated Operating Voltage 12/24VDC
Current consumption 12V/500mA 24V/250mA
Optional Functions Buzzer
Surface finish for magnet Zinc plated
Surface finish for armature plate Zinc plated
Ambient temperature in °C -10~+55℃(14-131F)
Suitable for Wooden & Aluminum & Glass & Fireproof &Metal
Magnets Dimensions(L x W x D) 250Lx48Wx25H(mm)
Armature Plate Dimensions(L x W x D) 180L*38W*11H(mm)
Weight in kg 2.0kg
CE-mark for building Yes
Rohs-mark for building Yes
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