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ბარათის წამკითხველი კლავიატურით NT-109

ბარათის წამკითხველი კლავიატურით NT-109

ბარათის წამკითხველი კლავიატურით NT-109 (წყალგაუმტარი, ანტივანდალური).

NT-109 Waterproof Metal Standalone Access Controller

EM-Marin Card format /125KHz)
Access Control Keypad Containing 2000 users with Code
users can reset private passwords.
Search fast less than 0.1s
Wiegand output,Muti-function device,Support external wg26 card reader.
Use keypad to delete lost cards for safety.
Short-circuit protect : when relay or alarm output short circuit, it will shut up output in 100μS
Opening Mode: Card, Code, Card +Code
Dimension: 120*56*18mm
Gross Weight: 0.52kg
NT-109 Waterproof metal Standalone Access Controller, for single door entrance, with card reader and keyboard input in one function, easy to install, easy to use, stable performance. Support Wiegand output&input, can be used as a card reader. Built-in data memory, quickly identify proximity readers, with short circuit protection, safety interference, to meet a variety of automated office space, industrial and mining enterprises, government agencies, intelligence community, telecom base stations, and other public access entrance access control system application demand.

1.completely independent access control, directly through the keyboard to achieve password, card management and other functions.
2.supports Wiegand 26 output&input, can be used as a card reader.
3.support card, password, card with password three seed certification management.
4.reader sensor with high sensitivity, less than 0.1 seconds.
5.supports a password to open the door, stand-alone card capacity up to 2000.
6.high-quality stainless steel materials, with tamper alarm and door sensor alarm functions.
7.exit button and doorbell input function.
8.the surge absorption protection.
Verification Method
Metal buttons with luminous
Capacity Of Cards
2000 Users
Door Open Time
0-99 seconds
Proximity Range
EM-ID 125KHz or 13.56MHz
Wiegand Signal
Output&Intput (Support external wg26 card reader and can be used as a card reader)
DC 12V
Access Control Interface
Electric lock, Door sensor, Exit button, alarm, DoorBell
Relay output
2n relay outputs
Operating Temperature
0°C - 45°C
Operating Humidity
120x56x18(mm) (L*W*D)
Gross Weight
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