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ბიომეტრიული დაშვების სისტემა FR-W2000

ბიომეტრიული დაშვების სისტემა FR-W2000

ბიომეტრიული დაშვების სისტემა კლავიატურით, ბარათის წამკითხველით FR-W2000. 

FR-W2000 Waterproof Fingerprint Access

Display: 1.8inch HD LCD screen
Water protection grade:IP65
Verification Method:Fingerprint, ID card
Fingerprint capacity:3000; ID card capacity:3000;
Support 17 languages
Communication:USB flash disk, USB, RS232/485 & TCP/IP
Support U disk copy fingerprint
Access control interface for 3rd party electric lock,door sensor,exit button,alarm
Muti-fuction device,Support Wiegand 26/34 Input & Output.
Gross Weight:0.65kg
FR-W2000 Waterproof Fingerprint Access,through the waterproofing of IP65 standards of testing,fully able to be used in the outdoor bad environment,both attendance and access control functions,from simple door access control to complex network environments , elegant appearance design,ultra-thin size and lighter.

1.IP65 waterproof grade 

2.internal direct electric lock control, switch out,door magnetic detection (independent control mode) 

3.standard USB communications, RS485 read, U disk download, TCP / IP network, meet demand for data transmission in different environments 

4.Wiegand input and output, wired doorbell, relay output, door interfaces, alarm signal output interface,make the products and applications with large scalability; 

5.a variety of identification: fingerprint, cards, passwords, etc., to ensure the integrity and security of data; 

6.optical induction fingerprint readers, standby dormancy 
7.built-in 17 languages interface, meet the application requirements of each country
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