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ბიომეტრიული დაშვების სისტემა კლავიატურით FR-W3

ბიომეტრიული დაშვების სისტემა კლავიატურით FR-W3

ბიომეტრიული დაშვების სისტემა კლავიატურით FR-W3. 

FR-W3 Waterproof Standalone Fingerprint Access Control

Verification Method:Fingerprint, keypad
Fingerprint capacity:3000
Communication: RS485
Access control interface for 3rd party electric lock,door sensor,exit button,alarm
Muti-fuction device,Support Wiegand 26/34 Input & Output.
Gross Weight:0.65kg
FR-W3 Password,RFID and fingerprint waterproof standalone access control terminal,IP65 waterproof grade,all-metal zinc alloy body, anti-sabotage and strong attacks, tamper design,unique activation fingerprint sensing,unique activation fingerprint sensing,32-bit low-power high-speed processors,stable and reliable, the new generation of fully enclosed waterproof and dustproof design,longer life and more reliable performance.

1.Full Metal waterproof design,IP65 waterproof grade 

2.internal direct electric lock control, switch out,door magnetic detection (independent control mode)

3.optical induction fingerprint readers, standby dormancy
4.administrator functions,without PC can operate independently,operation more convenient 
5.Wiegand output, wired doorbell, relay output, door interfaces, alarm signal output interface,make the products and applications with large scalability
Fingerprint sensor Subminiature optical fingerprint scanner
Fingerprint activation method optical sensing
Fingerprint collecting area 17mm*19mm
Fingerprint capacity 3000
Verification Method Fingerprint, keypad
Identification time < 1 second
Communication interface USB Disk, USB,RS485
Prompt tone Human voice
Electric lock Direct control
Relay DC 12V
Wiegand Wiegand 26/34 Output
Door sensor 1-call detection
Alarm Against tampering, door unclosed & unauthorized opening, 1-call alarm signal output (other alarms can be customized)
Shell Zinc Alloy
Operation temperature -15℃~65℃
Dimensions 150x66x25mm
Gross Weight 0.65kg
Applications SME, hotel, restaurant, real estate industry, government office, financial industry, educational and training institution
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