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ერთი კარისთვის ქსელური კონტროლერი NS-E100

ერთი კარისთვის ქსელური კონტროლერი NS-E100. 

NS-E100 Single-Door Network Access Control Board

1.Door controled: 1
2.Readers can connected: 2pcs

3.Control of Memory up to 20,000 Users / up to 100,000 Event Buffers

4.Network Communication via TCP/IP

5.English Software supportable database: Access and SQL

NS-E100 single-door network access control board,using standard industrial TCP / IP network communication protocol, device management system in a number of units is unlimited; can add two Wiegand reader, to achieve a two-way entrances and exits out of RFID card or Biometric,the access control panel choose the most advanced integrated solutions, with stable performance, fast communications, large capacity, compatibility, network convenience and other features, meanwhile, it supports remote authentication, latch model, multi-card open door, first card open door, interlock, anti-passback, exit button failure and smart download functions. outstanding performance by many large-scale access control systems engineering and card system widely recognized.
In order to safeguard stability of system and improve the life of products, Nordson adopts industrial-level design standard. All IC used are from the world’s famous chip manufactures. During production process, Nordson carries out strict and standardized production management. Strict quality control methods are applied on each production segment. Excellent production design brings superior quality.

Conventional Function: 
offline operation; real time supervision; photo display; mass storage; flexible user privilege setup; remote unlocking; multi-user supervision; quick setting; convenient checking and query; revisable and printable report form; report form;report can be exported to excel file; card+password unlocking; alarm for long time unclosing;alarm for invalid card swiping; first card unlocking;alarm for illegal break in; unlocking at definite time; e-map etc.

Professional function: 
for professional users such as bank,cash house, telecom station, power supply station,prison and plice station: interface locking; intimidation alarm; integrated fire control;anti-passback and anti-tail; interlocking;multi-card unlocking; emergency double locking; in door population checking; unlocking based on internal and external validation.

Lowest Total Cost of Ownership,E controller series possess all access control functions existing in the market, such as different enter/exit mode, open door by multi-card, interlock, anti-passback, open door by first card ,different event alarm, remote open door, forced open door, multi-card+ remote approve, and temporary card etc.

TCP/IP communication interface realizes a speed of 100MB and is fast, fault-tolerant and stable. With modem, the device can realize remote visit and control.
*old model M100 RS485 communications can be customized

1.Access control management software also includes all-in-one-card management system such as nomal shift and multi-shifts time attendance management system; fixed ration dining management system; meeting attendance management system; online patrol management system and security alarm management system.
2.Access software can setup access group and access time for each day/week/month. It also supports such functions as holiday access time setup, limited access mode during different time. For example: open door by card in the day, open door by card + password in the night.
3.Access software can connect with monitoring system and guard/alarm device by hardware control points or gateway. When assigned signal is received, the door can be opened or closed. The system can also link with other input/output by internal input/output. Alarm: It is used in invasion detection and alarm management. For large system, user can add alarm extension board to increase alarm output. Defence Area: Controller connects with input devices (IR, doormagnetic, smoke detector and so on) to form an area. User can manage the area by Nordson Access software.

The system provides secondary development of information, communication protocols, libraries, sample programs, functions and database documentation. It allows users to easily develop their unique system environment.Offers a variety of language development Demo(VB6.0, VC, DELPHI7, VB.NET, C#.NET, Java)
1. The standard TCP / IP communication, multi-stage lightning protection, surge protection
2. Large-capacity Flash memory, stored data is not lost power for 10 years
3. All chip imported new and original, to meet industrial requirements to meet the wider work environment
4. All inputs with optocoupler protection system more stable
5. Identification of a variety of ways to open the door: card, password, card + password, double cards, free passage, timed door switch, timer alarm
6. Support remote operation door switch; switch fire alarm
7. Support regional cross-machine anti absconds; support interlocked
8. Support multiple events alarm output, such as an invalid card, invalid time, door alarm, the door opened out
9. All Weigand interface is compatible 26,34,37 agreement with optocoupler protection.
10. sends data, quantitative restrictions transmission from the controller
11. Support individual settings for each card is valid
12. All access devices support a mixed installation
13. with the support and attendance software, on-line patrol function
14. support multi-user multi-machine management and monitoring in real-time
15. Support network camera, with multi-functional electronic map, enabling real-time network monitoring and video capture
Parameter Single Access Control Board Two-door Access Control Board Four-Door Access Control Board
Model # NS-E100 NS-E200 NS-E400
Communication TCP/IP 10M/100M adaptive
*old model M100 RS485 communications can be customized
Size of PCB board 160mm *106mm 160mm *106mm 218mm *106mm
Size of Case 273mm*228mm*65mm
Power Supply 12VDC 4-7A
Power Consumption of Circuit Board Less than 100mA
Input Format of Reader Wiegand 26 (All card reader with compatible protocol, such as Motorola  HID  EM Mifare one etc)
Quantity of Readers 1pair 2 pairs 4 pcs
Door Controled 1pair 2 pairs 4 pcs
Door opening time extending setting 1-600 seconds(adjustable)
Max q ' ty of controller No limit
--- Remark: N denotes q ' ty of computer serial prot or q ' ty of 485hub port, support 256pcs ports
Operation Temperature - 40 C~70 C
Operation Humidity 10-90  RH  No Condensation
Q ' ty of users 20,000 Users
Q ' ty of Event Buffers(offline) 100,000 event buffers
Power interruption protection measure High Speed Memory, Records never lose
Max Distance from Reader to Controller 100m (suggestion distance 80m)
Max Distance between Controllers RS232: Communication Distance less than 13m, suggestion distance is 3m or less
RS485: bus line max length 1200m, suggestion length 1000m or less, if expansion device added, the distance could be 3000m
TCP/IP: Depends on net coverage area
Collocations PCB board, case, power, power line, serial port communication line, software, manual, certificate, key(2pcs), carton
Alarm for long time door open, ilegal break in, intimidate Yes
Fire and alarm linkage If no connection with the expansion board, only has software interface alarm, and drive the computer speaker. If connected with expansion board, is able to alarm by hardware, if connected with strengthened expansion board, then is able to Security alarm
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