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თარიღი და დრო
კონტროლერი+წამკითხველი DH16A-09DLG

კონტროლერი+წამკითხველი DH16A-09DLG

DH16A-09DLG ბარათის წამკითხველების ქსელური კონტროლერი+წამკითხველი
1. With internal EM Reader
2. Freguency: 125KHz
3. Effective distance: 5cm
4. ZONE 1:up to 1000passwords &card holders,
ZONE 2:up to 10passwords OR card holders.
5. Card access, code access and combined access.
6. Digital keypad operation.
7. Built-in pickproof function.
8. Watchdog timer powerful reboot and self-recovery.
9. Dual relay uotputs.
10. Unlock output delay time 0-99s.
11. IP rating: 65
12. Dimension: 78X123X19mm.
13. Dual relay outputs for door opening, door status detecting , open door bu button...

Working conditions:
Temperature: -20C*...50C*

Current and voltage reguirements:
DC input:+12V- +24V
standby current: <80mA
working current: <110mA

Applicable card mode: ID card
Effective distance: 5...10cm
ID cards capacity: 1010 Pcs.

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